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Welcome to RLH Management, Inc.!

Keeping a Watchful Eye Over Your Investment

RLH MANAGEMENT, INC. is an independent, full service property management corporation. We offer a full line of management services to the individual or business that owns real property. but does not want to be personally involved in the day-to-day operations.

In our 15 years in the field, we have developed a management team that services over 150 owners in over 40 locations. These properties include:

Single Family Homes
Multiple Family Dwellings
Commercial Properties
Condominiums /Cooperative Complexes
Federal and State Subsidized Buildings
Senior Citizen and Golden Age Communities


Some of the benefits in working, with RLH MANAGEMENT, INC.

Large Network of Professionals
We secure estimates and negotiate contracts with reputable. skilled professionals in all fields for repairs and improvements of our clients properties.

Detailed Client Statements
We offer statements monthly. semi-annually and annually per our clients request. These statementsare tailor-made to fit the needs of our customers.

24 Hour Accessibility
We are always available to ensure that our customers' needs are met. From home phones to car phones. cellulars to beepers, we can and will be located when necessary.

Financial Planning & Reporting
Our highly meticulous staff keep accurate, detailed bookkeeping records that catalog all monies collected and spent on our customers behalf.

Finding & Qualifying Tenants
We pride ourselves on finding great tenants for our properties. We advertise in the appropriatemedia, show your property, and screen all prospective tenants. This includes running a credit report and conducting a personal interviewbetween the applicant(s) and a member of our staff.

Low Tenant-to-Owner Contact
Our job is to make your life easier. In doing so, we minimize tenant-to-owner contact by handling all inquiries, emblems and concerns of tenants.



Our History

We've built this company upon the strong foundation of superior customer service, experience and knowledge in the field, and strong community ties. We are proud of the reputation we've earned over the years and look forward to working with our clients for years to come.

The fees that we are paid are negotiated between us and the property owner(s) and varies with the services required, number of properties involved, and other factors that make each arrangement unique.

Our office is open seven days a week so please feel free to call or stop by for a visit.We can discuss helping to make your valuable time and investments worth more every day.





0ver25 Years in the Field
Expert, Professional Contacts in Every Area of Property Management


Commercial Properties
Residential Properties
Condominiums & Cooperatives
State er Federally Subsidized Properties


24 Hour Accessibility
Personalized, Hands-on Service
Reliable and Responsive
Affordable Fees

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Jr. Scott Harding